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Why CX? Why now? The urgency to invest in CX is rising

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Successfully measuring your customer experience (CX) can optimise business performance

Whether your company is successful and growing like crazy or it’s currently going through a bad patch and needing some care and attention, you need more than ever, to have a closer look at your customer experience (CX) and how you take care of your customers.

Chris Garthwaite, CEO at CGA, comments ”A great Customer Experience (CX) performance improvement program can ensure that your growth continues, potentially more profitably, and if you’re in trouble, it can help stop the corporate bleeding and drive you towards a faster turnaround. Above all, success here will drive you towards the critical outcome of optimising how your business performs.”

The truth of the matter is that many companies are not getting the high level acceptance they need to sign off on enterprise wide CX programs and so are only dipping their toes, silo fashion, into the CX pool. For example, you may be already measuring Net Promoter Score…but may not understand how to drive performance improvement. Boards need to be convinced of the link between customer experience performance improvement and increased business performance.

CGA has been at the leading edge of Business Performance Improvement by providing and measuring better customer experience for over 16 years. We have found that every company in every industry can potentially leverage great customer experiences for business gain by improving and optimising the way they perform. Depending on your business, the benefits of CX can include higher customer retention; faster revenue growth; the ability to command a price premium; lower operating costs; less regulatory pressure; and more engaged employees which all lead to better and more improved business performance.

Across all of the industries and geographies we operate in, we observe 3 commercial imperatives that win over executives who have previously been sceptical of the impact of successful CX transformation programmes:

  1. A CX measurement programme which monitors the most relevant customer interactions
  2. Customer insight which correlates tightly to existing business metrics and analysis
  3. Delivering agile operational evidence to prove ROI and the business case for CX improvement initiatives

CGA can help you:

  1. identify all your key customer interactions
  2. discover whether you’re measuring them effectively, and
  3. indicate where you can derive clear business value

Talk to one of our Practitioners about how CGA’s CX measurement assessment can help you turn your CX program into clear business value.

The Search for Elusive Sales Growth in the FMCG Sector

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‘Top-up shopping’: How changing shopper behaviour has been driving growth in discounters and the convenience channel

Over the past 4 years research shows that the 50 largest FMCG global companies have found recent growth more elusive, growing only 0.3 percent on average per year. By contrast, midsize companies have expanded sales by 3.8 percent and small companies by 10.2 percent. Once average players have upped their game and larger players are finding it much harder to differentiate themselves

However changing shopper behaviour has been driving growth in discounters and the convenience channel. British consumers are more demanding in their choices, and less inclined to buy large baskets in large stores on a weekly basis.

The Convenience sector is therefore showing continued healthy growth, but with 75% of stores being independents, the challenges of addressing this sector efficiently demand a rethink of priorities and resources:

  1. Creating loyalty with retailer customers who like to ‘shop around’ to get the best deals
  2. Presenting locally relevant sales propositions and growth plans
  3. Remaining front-of-mind with a target audience who tend to be digital ‘laggards’
  4. Maintaining healthy and productive supplier-customer relationships, even if route-to-market is indirect

Graham Ryan, leading CX Practitioner for the FMCG sector, comments Customer journey mapping is a well-established discipline in understanding consumer journeys, but applying the technique to the B2B Convenience Retail Customer has already identified significant incremental growth opportunities. ‘Top up shopping’ in particular has seen recent growth which has had a direct impact on the convenience store sector. This is a critical area for FMCG organisations to understand the retailers’ journey from their perspective and to consequently deliver a better customer experience.”

CUSTOMER JOURNEY MAPPING: An enabling framework to identify sustainable growth

CGA’s Heartbeat® methodology has successfully identified both growth drivers as well as efficiency gains in this sector.

Identifying the gaps between customer expectation and current delivery is where we start. Based on that insight we work to define a blueprint for the future customer experience and how an organisation can allocate the most efficient use of omni-channel resource to deliver real performance improvement. CGA will also deliver real-time metrics for experience performance improvement which can be correlated with regular operational KPI’s to validate decision making.

Stage 1 – Identify the gaps between customer expectation and current delivery
Stage 2 – Use the insight to define a blueprint for the future customer experience
Stage 3 – Allocate the most efficient use of omni-channel resource to deliver real performance improvement
Stage 4 – Deliver real-time metrics to track experience performance improvement
Stage 5 – Use these metrics to correlate operational KPI’s to validate decision making

The most forward-looking FMCG organisations recognise that such data will help them better understand—and expand into—high-growth areas.

Need more information? Talk to our experienced FMCG team click here

CX Webinar: 21st Century Customer Engagement – A Renault Case Study

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Running a successful Voice of Customer (VoC) program and linking customer experience outcomes to commercial results is not easy. The automotive industry in particular is being challenged by a number of key drivers, not least the need to:

  • Recognise changing customer experience expectations
  • Appeal to a younger and increasingly digital customer
  • Respond to its competitors raising their game

Renault Group is currently topping many customer polls after launching their own Drive the Change program. They realised that simply consolidating their traditional European market would not be sufficient to stave off competition so they executed a Global vision for customer experience excellence.

This Webinar will explain:

How CGA helped Renault to take on this challenge to:

  1. Transform their customer experience
  2. Grow their business Globally
  3. Deliver superior returns for their shareholders

After listening to this webinar:

You will learn how to:

  • Develop a business-case for global implementation in the context of all key competitors and their customer experience
  • Systematically measure customer moments of truth using our unique Customer Heartbeat methodology
  • Align employee KPIs to reflect customer moments of truth™
  • Deliver a staged roll-out program across priority markets
  • Link customer experience uplift to bottom line profit
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Webinar Details:

Topic: 21st Century Customer Engagement
Date: Friday 14th July
Time: 11.30am (UK time)

Live Q&A session post webinar

Chris Garthwaite, CEO at CGA Experience and Keynote Speaker


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