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December 2017


Trends in the UK Healthcare Market

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The Healthcare market is currently undergoing rapid and dramatic change and the one thing we’re really encouraged by is the desire to move to a more patient or indeed customer centric approach. In order to achieve that, you do need to understand how to join everything together and in our view, visual customer journey mapping that truly takes the patient’s perspective into consideration is a must do activity. You can find out more about that elsewhere on our site but in the meantime, here are some other trends, facts and figures that are shaping our approach to enhanced patient experience.Healthcare Market

Trends we’re seeing in Healthcare

  • A more Patient/”Customer” Centric approach
  • Paternalistic approach less tolerated by patients.
  • The Genetically Aware patient
  • New Provider and Healthcare models plus other collaborations to improve care and decrease costs – Dr Asda?
  • E health and the use of patient-centric, integrated IT networks
  • Rise of the Infomediary and CyberPhysician, supported by SMART cards, retinal scans etc
  • Widespread use of intelligent devices and expert systems – IoT and Big Data
  • “P4 Medicine” – Predictive, Preventative, Personalised and Participatory – driven by social media-led participation platforms
  • Remote consultation and home monitoring of vital signs
  • Use of genetic screening and pharmacogenetics
  • Further use of Minimally Invasive Surgery
  • Use of robotics
  • Augmented and Virtual reality applications
  • Digitally Engaged Insurers
  • Gamification – rewards for healthy behaviour
  • Development of online patient communities providing sources for crowd funded data and drug and healthcare rating
  • NHS Drivers
  • Overall cost reduction while maintaining service
  • Personalised Health IT
  • Long term conditions
  • Automated Dispensing
  • Paper Free 2020
  • Cost reduction
  • Manual Routing reduced
  • GP Forward View
  • Take Pressure off Acute
  • Telehealth
  • Auto Dispensing

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