My business is looking to become more customer-centric? How do we achieve that? How customer centric are we currently? Is evolution or revolution the way ahead?

These are regular questions posed by organisations that recognise the need to transition.

Many businesses are driven by transactions or products rather than relationships with employees rewarded solely on this basis. This operational focus on a “transactional” experience can often result in an impersonal, distant and even painful journey from the customer’s perspective – ignoring the value of a relationship with today’s ever discerning customer seeking a more personalised experience, places risk on future proofing a brand.

Moments of Truth

To maximise value for the customer and win their loyalty, the focus needs to shift from transactions to creating customer relationships which have meaning, relevance and a journey experience that consistently delivers on the brand promises. The path to customer centricity requires not just an understanding of how to fill the gaps between expectation and experience but an understanding of how to engage the workforce on that journey. An organisation’s people are its most powerful resource in delivering against customer Moments of Truth. It is how brands make us feel at an emotional level which makes a real difference to our loyalty.

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