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We call this approach the Customer Heartbeat®.

From understanding the current experience, the key pain points and what matters most to customers, we then have a framework upon which to design a future experience.

The Future Experience design exercise can be as simple as focusing on fixing pain points and improving the current customer experience. Brand loyalty is driven by actions and not just words – promises to customers need to be delivered across the whole experience and not just the product or a single transaction. Converting those promises into Moments of Truth is where employees need to be aligned, engaged and equipped to deliver them.

However, the Future Experience can also require significant transformation; particularly in the digital domain where customer expectations and behaviours are evolving rapidly. Defining a digital transformation vision still requires understanding of customer needs, pain points and expectations. Without it, it’s too easy to get carried away with technology and its “bells & whistles” which may not necessarily represent value to the customer.

If customer dissatisfaction is high then an alternative transformational model is essential requiring courage and a radically new approach. Developing a new proposition may be what it takes to transform the experience and create sustainable differentiation for the brand.

It’s sometimes better to compete with yourself rather than let someone step in and disrupt the established model.

Customer Heartbeat

Let us listen to the voice of your customer and your people, engage in their stories and help close the gap between expectations and real life experience
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