An innovative Heartbeat® programme to design a ‘best in class’ visitor experience and service operations model for Hyundai’s global brand experience centre in Seoul, Korea.

 Hyundai motor company is making a significant investment to open Asia’s first auto experience centre in Seoul. Designed to express the core brand values of Hyundai, it is an ambitious project incorporating world class design, exhibition, servicing and leisure facilities.

Central to the proposition is the ability to tell the Hyundai brand story, as well as create a truly inspiring and engaging environment where people are invited to reframe their opinions and expectations of the motorcar and the changing nature of design and mobility.

CGA were chosen from a global selection process to design a world class visitor experience to support the proposition. Central to our objectives was to ensure all recommendations were benchmarked against global best practice visitor experiences, and t interpreted relevantly for the Korean culture. In particular it was imperative to ensure any recommendations were relevant and robust for a segmented and digitally savvy audience.

Our Solution

Using the Heartbeat® methodology, CGA explored current and future expectations of the Korean market to visitor and service experience.  Best practice standards were identified by innovatively benchmarking 30 of the world’s leading leisure facilities, using the proprietary CGA Experience audit process.

Through a combination of workshops, focus groups and co-creation sessions, detailed initiatives and experience standards were designed to support the proposition, including a full suite of digital solutions to engage various segments, in particular the younger family audience.

Detailed experience propositions were also designed to elevate the sales and servicing sections of the centre, including innovative test drive programmes, communication tools and social media activities.

Finally, we designed a comprehensive operations model to support the experience, including roles, service standards and management processes.

The Results

The Motor Studio is due to open in early 2017 and will be Asia’s first auto experience centre.  It will also be a uniquely innovative presentation of the Hyundai motor brand, supported by exceptional levels of service delivered by a new service operational model and roles.

By focusing on the key emotional drivers of experience and engagement we have defined an innovative experience philosophy – Head, Heart and Soul – to underpin the Hyundai experience programme and ensure that any engagement activity is balanced in its relevance and delivery.

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