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Building on their commitment to customer centricity within the business, TfL is continuing to embed a strategy that promotes the business to take an outside in approach, guided by the belief that customer value creation, customer orientation and customer experiences are the keys to success.

As part of this vision, there is a commitment to listen to customers and strive to truly understand their needs. However, to enable TfL to make the right choices for their customers, the organisational decision-making has to be underpinned by customer insight. This requires the right structure, expertise and skills within the organisation to define the requirements, uncover insight and then own the process of sharing this insight effectively within the business, so TfL can act upon it.


Insight-driven organisations leverage research, data and analytics to drive customer-centric decision-making across the entire organisation. TfL understands that every part of the organisation needs to align around the acquisition and  understanding of customer insight, so this can be acted upon and linked back to business and customer impact.

Whilst the organisation realised that this is a fundamental driver of incremental value delivery and growth, the current insights’ team had neither the framework, tools, processes nor investment to deliver on this ambition.


The CGA team designed a 3-year insights’ strategy and supporting target operating model. The model recommends a 3-year iterative approach to embedding insights in the organisation, recognising the need to scale at a suitable pace.

The Target Operating Model focuses on 4 key areas of insights capability that TfL will need to develop as part of their strategy,

CGA also set out four clear workstreams to develop the foundations for year 1, which cover a framework for data and insights, the introduction of consistent measurement of customer data, insight gathering, and the development of the right capabilities and skills. The model also included recommendations on investment and resource required to deliver the change programme.

Through detailed models, recommendations and workstream maps, CGA created an effective and workable strategy and Target Operating Model that will elevate TfL’s insights capability from its current state to a best in class insights’ resource within a realistic framework and timescale.


The strategy and Target Operating Model will ensure that TfL has the right insight on the right customers getting into the hands of the right people in the business to enable them to drive the vision and ambition forward.

This will enable the organisation to develop a credible and robust insights’ capability, enabling growth in year 2 and optimising the approach in year 3. In this way, TfL is on a clear path to becoming a truly insight-led organisation.


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