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As one of the Top Consultancy Firms in the UK, CGA work with a range of partners both here and around the world.

In our role as Navigators, we help our clients find the best customer experience providers, including measurement vendors, research companies, brand consultants and training companies.

We are a leading CX company, but recognise that working with carefully selected partners allows us to focus on our core capability, whilst offering our clients an extended range of complementary services.

Why partner with CGA?

CGA is one of the top consultancy firms in the UK, and as such, our brand is a recognised leader in CX consultancy.

We work with both partners who can offer products and services that complement our own, as well as with partners who act as Navigators on our behalf in local regions or sectors.

For partners working with us, this gives them the chance to offer a wider range of customer experience capabilities to their own clients, whilst partnering with one of the top names in the UK in CX consultancy.

As a CX Consultancy, we are obsessed with helping organisations understand how to really get value out of their customer strategy. For many of our clients, we work with them on translating strategy into a real, deliverable change programme.

This often means we are working with them on measurement design, branding and communications, realtime reporting, voice of customer design and concept development. To do this we work with a portfolio of trusted and respected partners, making sure our clients get the best providers in their field.

In other regions and countries, we are also looking for true navigators, who can help us extend our reach and act as the CGA CX company in that region or location.

If you think you could partner with us to offer a complementary service, or represent the CGA brand in another region, please get in touch for a chat.

We love talking all things customer and employee experience. If you’d like to understand how we can navigate your business through this world, get in touch.

Find us at CGA, The Granary, High
House Farm, Gomshall Lane,
Shere, GU5 9BU