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CGA’s experience and journey mapping help organisations to really understand each and every step a customer goes through and what the emotional experience feels like.

CGA uses Heartbeat®, our own proprietary experience mapping methodology, to map your end-to-end customer experience, and we complement this with journey mapping techniques to understand in detail specific parts of the experience.

We use customer segmentation and persona development to understand how the experience and needs will differ between your different audiences and customers. Each of our programmes is bespoke to the client’s need. We work with you to understand your customer loyalty, conversion and retention targets, and then identify the right mix of services to address your specific programme objectives.

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How we navigate customer experience and journey mapping

Heartbeat® Diagnosis

Heartbeat® is CGA’s proprietary methodology for providing in-depth insights on your customers’ experiences.

We use our proven techniques to deliver a bespoke end-to-end experience map, showing your customer’s journey, mapping needs and expectations, and how you perform against these, throughout their lifecycle.

Heartbeat® is the output of a structured customer research approach, that uses both qualitative and quantitative customer research to develop a granular level view of your customers’ experiences with your organisation. It identifies the key moments of truth and your customers’ pain points where you are over or underperforming. It’s your unique customer heartbeat.

Heartbeat® Application

Once you have your organisation’s Heartbeat® diagnosis, CGA can help you navigate the data and intelligence it provides to understand how to apply the insight to your change programme in practice.

We make sure you know where to focus your efforts, understanding how to translate the insight into actionable improvements that will truly benefit your customers. It is one thing to understand where to improve, but CGA also helps you understand how to make those improvements for the greatest impact on your customer.

Using the intelligence generated by Heartbeat®, we can show you how to close the gaps between customer expectations and reality, prioritising the interactions that matter most to customers and identifying opportunities to create real moments of truth.

Journey Mapping

Whilst our Heartbeat® diagnosis tool helps you understand the end-to-end customer experience, we use established journey mapping techniques to help you define and design how each specific customer journey looks and feels.

We take the significant journeys in your experience (it might be the digital one or for a certain segment), and remodel these to deliver a seamless, consistent and memorable outcome for customers, helping you to optimise the experience at every step, for every customer.

Journey mapping helps you focus on specific pain points or significant steps that may be causing the greatest issue for customers, or might be influential in their decision making process.

Segmentation & Persona Development

CGA can develop an accurate segmentation model for your organisation, providing a powerful shortcut to better meeting the drivers and needs of your specific customer groups.

Using a combination of existing customer data, primary customer research and market insight, we take account of individual preferences, needs, hopes and fears to determine the most appropriate segmentation to support your organisation’s competitive positioning.

We dig deep into the insight to truly understand your customers’ emotional drivers. Going far beyond demographic and geographic factors, we are single-minded about providing you with usable customer segments that can be adapted across your business, in marketing, service delivery, sales and support functions, and beyond.

Example Heartbeat® Diagnosis


“The deliverables of the survey were amazing as we could really distinguish the pain points as seen by the customers and therefore construct initiatives in order to remedy these. I fully recommend CGA to handle your customer experience project.”

Ibrahim HassanMarcom General Manager, Abdul Latif Jameel

We love talking all things customer experience and journey mapping. If you’d like to understand how we can navigate your business through this world, get in touch.