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Tracking customers’ ongoing perception of your brand and customer satisfaction is key to understanding if your customer change plan is delivering improvements, as well as making sure you remain relevant and on-brand.

Unfortunately, survey fatigue is a very real problem, so organisations need to measure performance in a way that is engaging for customers with minimal disruption. At the same time, ensuring you get the customer satisfaction and experience metrics needed to inform the business and customer experience strategy.

How we navigate customer satisfaction metrics

Measuring Customer Satisfaction

CGA’s practitioners have designed dozens of customer experience metric programmes. Our focus is on designing a programme that works for you and your customers and isn’t about “chasing a number”. This means providing the business with the right insight at the right frequency, whilst ensuring customers don’t feel pestered and frustrated.

We don’t jump on the latest measurement trend, but rather identify what matters most to your customers, usually using our Heartbeat® Diagnosis, and then design your customer satisfaction or customer experience metric programme to track performance against these factors, alongside overall measures that will genuinely be useful within the business.

Heartbeat Diagnosis®

Heartbeat® is CGA’s proprietary methodology for providing in-depth insights on your customers’ experience.

We use our proven techniques to deliver a bespoke end-to-end experience map, showing your customers’ journey mapping, needs and expectations, and how you perform against these, throughout their lifecycle.

Heartbeat® can be used to design your customer experience metrics and satisfaction measures in such a way to track your performance improvement against your customers’ moments of truth and pain points.

CGA have played a pivotal role in shifting the rail industry’s focus from passengers to customers. They supported us with the mapping of the end-to-end journey and crucially implemented weekly CX data collection across all train operators. Working in partnership with CGA we developed a strong branding for this programme – Wavelength – and introduced workstreams which will drive CX improvement across rail using the new data.

Rail Delivery GroupBilly Denyer, Wavelength Programme Manager, RDG

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