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Optimising customer value and improving brand reputation

Aligning your purpose with the customer experience and outcomes you want to deliver, at optimal cost, is the key to unlocking customer value. Improved experiences drive increased spend, share of wallet, loyalty and referral, in turn, securing the brand reputation and long-term future of your organisation.

The key to optimising customer value is to really, truly understand where and how you are letting customers down and the points of friction or pain in the experience.

Once you understand this, and why you are failing to meet customers’ expectations, you can use the insight to inform your new experience design and implement a purpose-designed change programme in your organisation.

CGA are experience design experts. We are fascinated not by data but by insight and the value to be unlocked through better customer relationships and improved experience design.

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of highly satisfied customers are likely to remain a customer

Customer Experience Design for long term sustainability

Customer Loyalty

Put simply, loyal customers spend more, return more and refer more. However, creating customer loyalty is not always easy and when the experience is below expectations, trying to attract them back is an uphill struggle. We help you to interpret your customers’ needs into a specifically designed experience that delivers time and time again, increasing your customer loyalty.

Increased Value

If you have clearly defined your customer experience, you can purposely set up your business processes and systems to deliver this, consistently and repeatedly. Not only will it encourage customers to spend more, but consistency brings cost efficiency opportunities and reduces complaints and rework, helping your organisation quickly drive up customer value and optimise resources.

Brand Reputation

Your brand reputation is one of your greatest assets. It can take decades to build and be destroyed in days. Making sure the promises your brand makes to customers are delivered again and again is critical to avoiding brand erosion. CGA help organisations align brand promises and customer commitments and guide your business on how to deliver these again and again.

Driving Customer Value Today,
Tomorrow and for the Long-Term

As ‘Navigators of Experience’, we are dedicated to the customer agenda, looking over the horizon to lead the way in bringing companies closer to their customers and improving results as a consequence.

In the face of ever-changing customer demands, CGA makes sure your organisation is on the front-foot of customer experience design today, tomorrow and into the future, so your brand remains relevant and your business sustainable.

diagnose today, improve experience tomorrow, transform the future

Our services

Helping you really understand your customers’ wants, needs, desires and fears and how well you are meeting their expectations in the current climate and competitive market.

Experience and journey mapping

Helping you understand exactly how the experience feels from the customer’s point of view.

Insight, research and analysis

If you are looking to increase customer loyalty and spend, you need to understand your customer’s drivers, wants and needs.

Voice of customer

To continue to drive customer value into your organisation, you need to understand what your customers think of your brand and your service.

Showing you what you need to do within your organisation to close the gaps between customer expectations and the current experience, define your longer term customer ambition and turn that into customer experience design transformation.

Establishing the right customer measures within your business KPIs and defining your customer promises and commitments.

Experience, process and service redesign

Consistent brand experiences build trust, leading to increased customer loyalty and spend.

Customer satisfaction measurement

We are hugely experienced at designing customer satisfaction measurement programmes and align these with internal business KPI’s.

Employee engagement

Your employees are critical to the delivery of your experience, building customer loyalty and managing customer relationships.

Helping your business to understand how we will live, work and travel in the future and what that means for your customer experience design.

Developing the transformation plan to get your business ready for the change, create disruption in your market place and put customers at the heart of your organisation to drive customer value.

Customer experience transformation

CGA have helped a host of organisations navigate their full customer experience transformation.

Coaching and development

Using a purpose-designed framework and established coaching techniques, CGA can provide you with a coaching-mentoring programme.

Employee engagement

Your employees are critical to the delivery of your experience, building customer loyalty and
managing customer relationships.

Chris Garthwaite, CGA CEO recognised as top 20 CX influencer

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The CEO of consultancy CGA, Chris is a 35-year CX industry veteran. After a successful career driving Customer Experience transformation, including early-stage e-commerce launching Woolworths Direct and e-Kingfisher, he set up CGA in 2001. Since then, CGA has led the way in creating value through transforming customer journeys into compelling and commercial experiences.

We love talking all things customer and employee experience. If you’d like to understand how we can navigate your business through this world, get in touch.

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