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Being able to capture the voice of the customer and integrate it into business decision making is key to a successful customer experience strategy.

CGA has significant experience designing voice of the customer programmes and offers a range of services to bring the voice of your customer into the heart of your business and help you understand and use this insight to drive customer value.

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Successful programmes

How we navigate voice of the customer

Heartbeat® Diagnosis

Heartbeat® is CGA’s proprietary methodology for providing in-depth insights on your customers’ experience.

We use our proven techniques to deliver a bespoke end-to-end experience map, showing all of your customers’ journeys, needs and expectations, and how you perform against these, throughout their lifecycle.

Heartbeat® is the output of a structured customer research approach, that uses both qualitative and quantitative customer research to develop a granular level view of your customers’ experiences with your organisation. It identifies the key moments of truth and your customers’ pain points where you are over or underperforming. It’s your unique customer heartbeat.

Measurement Design

CGA’s practitioners have designed dozens of measurement programmes. Our focus is on designing a programme that works for you and your customers and isn’t about “chasing a number”. This means providing the business with the right insight at the right frequency, whilst ensuring customers don’t feel pestered and frustrated.

We don’t jump on the latest measurement trend, but rather identify what matters most to your customers, usually using our Heartbeat® Diagnosis, and then design your measurement programme to track performance against these factors, alongside overall measures that will genuinely be useful within the business.

“Thanks to the Heartbeat® studies that we have launched in almost 30 countries, our customer satisfaction programme has been a huge success with full buy-in from the board.”

Chady SalamehGeneral Manager Sales & Marketing, Groupe Renault

We love talking all things customer and employee experience. If you’d like to understand how we can navigate your business through this world, get in touch.