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Many of your customers’ pain points are caused by outdated, clunky or, quite simply, unnecessary internal processes.

These have usually been set up to provide governance, overcome outdated IT systems or meet internal business requirements but have almost never been designed from the customer perspective. These are almost certainly cases to look at your customer experience design.

When approaching experience design and process redesign, we start from the customer point of view and map the most efficient processes to deliver the experience required by the customer. It allows you to deliver real customer value and identify cost efficiencies in your business.

How we navigate experience design & process redesign

Experience Design

Experience Design is a tool used by our experts to turn insight into the ideal physical or digital experience, based on customer needs and priorities, garnered through our research.

Using human-centred design techniques, combined with the qualitative and quantitative findings, collected through Heartbeat®, we are able to bring to life the ideal customer experience, demonstrating how to fix the pain points and optimise the moments that matter most to your customers.

Process Redesign

CGA uses an established method to map your processes against your customer experience or journey map, to understand which parts of the process are creating the pain points.

We then work through a methodical approach of process redesign, eliminating any unnecessary steps, reducing steps that cause delays or frustrations and separating business requirements from customer needs where possible.

Ambition Development

CGA uses insight collected on your customers to work closely with your team, in a workshop environment, to develop and define your brand proposition and your stated customer promises, ensuring these align with your brand and business strategy.

CGA’s practitioners will help you define a proposition and set of enduring customer promises that meet your customers’ needs, whilst leveraging your brand’s strengths and heritage.

“The retail pedigree of the CGA team is outstanding; deep understanding, extensive knowledge and experience. Very impressed by the customer experience models used to help shape culture change and drive customer engagement.”

Ken LeeGroup Marketing Director, Inchcape

We love talking all things customer and employee experience. If you’d like to understand how we can navigate your business through this world, get in touch.

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