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The customer is not standing still.
And neither are we.

CGA was founded 18 years ago but the relentless pace of customer and digital change means the need for business transformation becomes ever more urgent to meet customer and employee expectations.

Back in 2001, customer experience pioneer Chris Garthwaite, recognised that the seismic shifts in multi-channel retailing were leaving the experience disjointed for the customer. CGA was conceived and since its inception, CGA has become renowned for its dedication to the customer agenda. It has led the way in creating value through transforming customer journeys into compelling and commercial experiences, bringing many companies closer to their customers and improving results.

CGA is typically engaged on national and international Customer Experience improvement and transformation programmes, receiving endorsements for creativity, insight and fresh thinking.  Our proprietary journey mapping solution Heartbeat® helps to bring the customer to life, showing immediate pain points in real-time and identifying where future intervention will offer greatest value. It can transform your customers’ behaviour into your biggest asset.

It’s critical to understand the implications of not becoming customer centric and the direct impact this is likely to have on future growth and efficiency strategies.  The future arrives faster than we think….

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“ We transform customer insight and client vision into reality. We are your customer champion; we will put your customer at the heart of everything that we do.” 

Chris Garthwaite, CEO

Chris Garthwaite

Our Values

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Knowledgeable, curious and creative,  we are committed to transforming client vision into reality by applying analytical capability, industry knowledge and innovation to future proof your brand.

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We come from operational business management backgrounds and have worked on large scale, global projects. Culturally empathetic we provide actionable insight across customer, employee and brand. Our deep sector expertise across automotive, retail, transport, charities, not-for-profit and financial services lends gravitas to our work.

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Curious by nature, we actively research and develop the latest thinking,  delivering insights that offer greatest value through increased revenue, higher margins and better customer and employee relationships. Our unique tracking tools deep dive into any business allowing a personalised industry journey that gives accurate and real time measures.

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Renowned for our partnership approach, we take the time to understand existing and future business priorities.. We are direct and honest communicators, priding ourselves on being ‘real’; we listen, learn and work as a partnership to achieve a common goal and will only recommend solutions that help achieve objectives and overall vision.

A team of talented service specialists

CGA people are a multi-disciplinary team of talented service specialists. We are a highly creative bunch and happy to have a chat anytime whatever your query may be.  We love to help.

Meet the team
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What sets us apart

Our economic analysis will enable you to build a robust business case by quantifying both cost-efficiency savings and enhanced revenue benefits. To help reduce risk, we work with you through a simple 3-stage process:

Stage 1: Customer Immersion
Scoping the priorities for investment and the development of your business-case to ensure organisation-wide support.

Stage 2: Early Wins
Improving the key priorities identified by customer immersion to immediately improve customer experience, reduce waste and improve profitability.

Stage 3: Transformation
Re-investing the gains from early wins to deliver customer transformation that drive long-term competitive advantage.

Our approach uses industry data, customer data and internal operational data to link the overall customer relationship value and its improvement to improved profitability.

This allows you to demonstrate the positive impact of customer experience improvements on customer up-sell, cross-sell, retention, acquisition and price sensitivity.

At CGA, we are committed to helping our clients make well-informed and sustainable investment in customer centricity.

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Our partners

Many organisations struggle with managing multi-channel customer insight, leading to disconnect in the link between metric and business performance.  Our world-class partnerships mean we can offer sophisticated research platforms combined with in-depth, actionable insight. Together they represent all of the components needed for sustainable transformation.

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