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CGA uses Heartbeat®, our own proprietary experience mapping methodology, to map your end-to-end customer experience.

We complement this with journey mapping techniques to understand in detail specific parts of the experience. Heartbeat® is the output of a structured customer research approach, that uses both qualitative and quantitative customer research to develop a granular level view of your customers’ experiences with your organisation.

Our Heartbeat® methodology

Heartbeat® Diagnosis

Heartbeat® is CGA’s proprietary methodology for providing in-depth insights on your customers’ experiences.
We use our proven techniques to deliver a bespoke end-to-end experience map. It’s a visual depiction of your customer’s journey mapping, needs and expectations. As well as how you perform, throughout their lifecycle.
Heartbeat® is the output of a structured customer research approach. Using both qualitative and quantitative research to develop a granular level view of their experience with you. It identifies the key moments of truth and your customers’ pain points. You can also see where you are over or underperforming. It’s your unique customer heartbeat.

Heartbeat® Application

Once you have your Heartbeat® diagnosis, we can help you navigate the results. From looking at the intelligence and the data, we help you understand how to apply the insight to your change programme in practice.
We make sure you know where to focus your efforts. And how to understand where to translate the insight into actionable improvements. All with a focus on what will provide real benefits for your customers. After all, it is one thing to understand where to improve, but we also help you identify how to make the greatest impact on your customer.
Using the intelligence generated by Heartbeat®, we can show you how to close the gaps between customer expectations and reality. We help you prioritise the interactions that matter most to customers. And identify opportunities that create real moments of truth.

Heartbeat® Transformation

Using our unique Heartbeat® methodology, we help you design your future experience for your customers. We then help redefine your journey, understanding changing needs, expectations and market conditions.
We help you understand the brand promises to make in the longer term future. With the ultimate goal being to retain your customers and grow customer value.

Example Heartbeat® diagnosis


“Thanks to the Heartbeat® studies that we have launched in almost 30 countries, our customer satisfaction programme has been a huge success with full buy-in from the board.”

Chady SalamehGeneral Manager Sales & Marketing, Groupe Renault

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