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Renault is a leading global automotive company, offering a wide range of innovative, safe and eco-friendly vehicles. It has 38 production sites and over 13,300 sales outlets in 118 countries.

With an experienced and capable leadership team in place, Renault has a rich history of innovation. However, the company needed to keep pace with rising customer service expectations, creating a seamless experience from digital exploration to the physical showroom. Renault was looking to deliver one consistent, world-class, brand experience to all customers and appeal to younger and increasingly digital buyers.

Renault engaged CGA to design a global customer experience blueprint to deliver these outcomes.


Renault was faced with two options: either consolidate its traditional European markets in the hope that this would be sufficient to fend off competition, or execute a global vision for customer experience excellence. It chose the latter, and set itself the objective of ranking in the top three for customer satisfaction in its 12 main markets, driving up brand loyalty and customer value.

The company had launched a global “Drive the Change” initiative in 2013, and in 2014 CGA was retained to design its global customer experience blueprint as a critical deliverable of this programme.


CGA took the role of lead advisers on customer experience blueprinting, navigating Renault through a significant transformation programme. We used a range of tools and proprietary techniques to help Renault design Renault C@re 2.0, a group-wide programme to understand and address pain points in the experience and integrate consistent customer measures into the business.


The programme included the design and delivery of:

  • The business case for global implementation of Renault C@RE 2.0 in the context of all key competitors and their customers’ experience.
  • A systemic measurement and management of seven new customer moments of truth (MOTs), baselining and benchmarking customer experience delivery.
  • Defined employee KPIs, reflecting the seven MOTs and customers’ real needs.
  • The ability to understand pain points and commercial opportunities across the customer experience.
  • Roll-out of C@re 2.0 in 42 markets across the globe.
  • The transfer of knowledge to the in-house team, as well as continued support for a staged roll-out programme to the remaining markets.

Thanks to the Heartbeat® studies that we have launched in almost 30 countries, our customer satisfaction programme has been a huge success with full buy-in from the board. It was reliable, credible and easy to understand at all levels of the company. We were fully satisfied with CGA’s engagements, customer insights and professionalism. They are what we call ‘customer obsessed'.

Chady SalamehGeneral Manager Sales & Marketing, Groupe Renault


The Renault C@RE 2.0 has been credited with surges in both revenue and profitability. Renault C@RE 2.0 is now live in 42 markets and continues to roll-out to more markets every year. This is underpinned by the Heartbeat® measurement programme which baselines and benchmarks experience delivery at an operational level in each market.

The commercial rewards for Renault from rolling out Renault C@RE 2.0, adopting the CGA methodology, were significant. These included:

  • At least €3bn in cost-efficiencies;
  • Significant improvements in revenues, operating margin, and profit margins; and
  • 11 countries selling over 100,000 vehicles per year (2016).

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