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Based on customer feedback, 2023 service quality performance has already exceeded 2021 performance at almost all customer touch points in all countries.

IPF’s Think Customer strategy has resulted in 91% customer satisfaction, and a Net Promoter Score of +69

IPF Provident take home the prestigious gold award for Outstanding Customer Service for the tenth time at the Client 1st Excellent Service Benchmark Program and Awards. Provident were also awarded silver medals in both the ‘Personal Customer Service’ and the ‘Call Center’ categories further reinforcing the organisations dedication and excellence in customer experience.
Common success has been accredited to CGA’s support in pain point analysis and the resulting Think Customer Programme.

The need for CX improvement


In an ever-evolving digital world, it is essential that IPF not only ensures the customer remains the priority in growth strategies, but also ensures it keeps pace and evolves with the pressure of new market entrants. IPF’s existing agent-delivered business model and home service remains a unique and trusted loan provision system that is supporting the financial inclusion of communities globally.

Managing the relationships between customer representatives and the customers has become even more important with citizens around the world finding themselves in more vulnerable situations due to external factors of environment, economic disruption, and political distress. It is in these vulnerable moments that IPF have pledged to champion customers’ needs in its approach to home credit and microloans. An approach that champions the customer representatives as trusted, local and empathetic members of the community.



IPF needed to future-proof their business whilst maintaining the values that underpinned successful and healthy agent-customer relationships that make the business tick. As part of these relationships, and with particular respect to IPF’s most vulnerable customers, CGA needed to help IPF re-explore and develop an in-depth understanding of how the business defines, engages and communicates with its most vulnerable customers.

CGA helped IPF understand that in order to champion successful outcomes for its customers it was essential that its customers felt in control and were treated with respect, transparency, and dignity, and not as a case determined by risk assessment.



CGA guided IPF in a transformation program that harnessed its strongest asset- its company culture. With the core value being to help those in need, IPF’s culture attracts customer representatives who have a genuine desire to do all they can to help their customers who range from individuals to businesses, and vary in needs between different regions. IPF’s home credit and microloans help customers not only in times of unexpected financial strain, but they also promote customers to improve their quality of life and/or the sustainability of their business. These factors are key in IPF’s mission for financial inclusion.

CGA intervened and worked with IPF to develop the Think Customer change programme that focused on customer service standards as well as training for the customer representatives to appropriately engage with vulnerable customers. Training was designed and delivered in a way that tackles the negative associations of loan receivers feeling devalued in society, allowing IPF to unlock strong advocacy, and the potential lifetime value of its consumers. This change has in turn simultaneously tackled IPFs challenge of customer representative turnover by promoting ownership and independence for customer representatives seeking to help consumers past the transactional level of loan provision.



IPF has embraced this new customer strategy across the international home credit business division spanning the pilot countries of Hungary, Czech Republic & Romania, and is already making a significant impact. CGA has been engaged to now programme manage the transformation, as well as roll out across other key territories around the world including Poland, Mexico, and with extensions into IPF’s digital experience. The cross territorial data from the Heartbeat analysis has since been developed into a customer data dashboard (CGA’s Heartbeat Pulse) that allows IPF to explore the needs of its customers in more depth and understanding, and embed the voice of the customer systematically into their customer experience as a result.

Through our Customer Strategy, we commit to making our customers feel valued by creating an experience that is flexible, personal, supportive, and timely. We want to ensure they recognise our offering as simple, affordable, accessible and value-adding. In achieving these goals, we will continue to build this truly purposeful business.

Gerard Ryan, Chief Executive Officer at International Personal Finance

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