What we do

Transform your customer and employee behaviour into your biggest asset

Helping clients close the gap between customer expectations and what they actually experience, maximising customer value and operational efficiency.

Define – Understand your current customer experience

At CGA we often find that what matters most to customers doesn’t always align to the internal perspective on customer priorities.

Understanding the implications of those differences is the first step in diagnosing where the pain or friction points lie.

Clarifying the customer’s priorities and measuring the gap with the current delivered experience creates a foundation for planning customer experience improvement and can be the first step towards business transformation

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Our Approach


Uncover the true voice of your customer

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Improve your customers journey

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Create a roadmap of Initiatives & Innovation

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Link improved customer experience to commercial value

We can help you to enhance your profits by undertaking robust economic analysis that prioritises the right customer experience activities to invest in. We can also help you to measure your return on investment. 

Graham Ryan, Director

Graham Ryan

What we deliver

In a world where customers are becoming increasingly demanding, and more attuned to getting what they want whenever they want it, there has never been a greater need for putting your customer at the heart of everything you do. Delivering sustainable growth will depend on your ability to listen & engage.
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