The creation of a group wide, B2C, best practice customer experience management framework for, leading international telecoms provider, Orange.​

Following the introduction of a strategic customer experience function within the group, Orange’s leadership team were keen to embrace a pragmatic and proven methodology for managing customer experience across its B2C European operations. Customer Heartbeat® was selected as the ideal methodology, especially for its ability to translate Voice of Customer insights into tangible and prioritised areas of action based on what matters most to customers.

Our Solution

CGA ​adopted a phased delivery approach, focusing firstly on establishing proof of concept in the UK market before adoption across the rest​​ of its​ European ​operations.​  Over an 18 month period CGA conducted a number of experience programmes across all customer segments, channels and products in the UK B2C market. The result was​ an experience blueprint for the business that could be applied across all markets.

Underpinning this blueprint was a dashboard of touchpoint measures that connected advocacy measurement (N​et ​P​romoter ​S​core ​) to the things that mattered most to customers, along with clearly defined Moments of Truth ​designed to ​secure greater levels of customer engagement and advocacy​ for Orange.​

A key aspect of the programme was to deliver tangible tactical and strategic benefit for the business.

CGA’s short term focus was to identify scenario-specific clues to improve customer satisfaction through individual customer episodes e.g.

  • Ideas for innovative solutions fix within channel​?
  • Priority for fix by segment
  • Tone and manner to manage the fix by product

Our strategic focus had a number of clear deliverables;

  • Cross-Scenario “How-To” MOTs ​to ​improve CSAT by framing experience
  • Defin​ing ​priority scenario groups​ to focus on
  • Defined pathways to encourage joined-up Orange behaviour
  • A unique and c​​consistent Orange brand style ​

The Results

​common methodology adopted for B2C experience management
MOT​’​s to support experience delivery
tactical initiatives to fix customer pain points

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