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In Customer Experience, two worlds are better than one

By March 2, 2021June 9th, 2021News & Events

CGA is delighted to announce an exciting new collaboration which will bring even more insight and opportunities to our clients in the property industry, as they revitalise following the pandemic.

We are teaming up with property experience consultancy RealService to provide clients with the best of both worlds: RealService’s renowned expertise within the property industry plus CGA’s insight from other sectors.

Chris Garthwaite, the CEO and founder of CGA, said: “The timing is right for the property industry to think in a radically different way about its customer relationships.

“the industry is realising it must engage in a different way. It is finally thinking about the practical and emotional experience that the end user and business customer wants today and will expect in the post-pandemic world. It can learn a lot from the way that other industries are responding and changing their products and services.

“Bringing Howard and his team’s deep knowledge of real estate and customer experience together with our outside-in perspective from 20 years of working with blue-chip clients across the world like Coca-Cola European Partners, The Telegraph, TfL Property, Renault, Leaseplan and many more, is I believe a compelling proposition.”

Howard Morgan, the founder and MD of RealService, said: “This is a crucial time for the property industry and we believe it needs the best thinking from both within and outside its boundaries.

“The industry is looking for radical thinking to help it quickly reposition and rethink its products and services.

“With CGA we believe we have found a partner with a similar real-world outlook and new tools such as Heartbeat® which will enable our clients to monitor customer experience with even more precision

“We are a great fit in terms of culture and believe this will put us in an even stronger position to support our clients ambitions to become even more customer centric. By speaking the language of customer experience and of real estate, and we can offer our clients a fully integrated service covering customer insight, change management consulting, performance measurement and training.”

DAN LOVATT, Head of Property Management and Head of Build to Rent, TFL  said of the announcement “We have enjoyed working with both consultancies over the past year and the collaboration is exciting in that it gives clients like us access to fresh thinking about customer experience from within and outside the property sector.”