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Forrester’s Now Tech: Customer Experience Strategy Consulting Practices Report

By October 6, 2020June 9th, 2021News & Events

We’re really proud to have been listed in

Forrester’s Now Tech: Customer Experience Strategy Consulting Practices Report

Amongst business leaders, Forrester’s research has identified improving customer experience is second only to revenue growth as a high or critical priority.

Despite this, for many organisations, customer experience strategy and transformation are still fairly new concepts, with small teams and limited budgets, making it difficult to affect real change. Forrester’s Now Tech: Customer Experience Strategy Consulting Practices Report is designed to help organisations identify the best-fit consultancy to support them in delivering on their CX strategy and transformation programme.

The report features a range of consultancies based on size, geographical reach and capability. CGA are proud to be recognised and featured as a small, international, specialist vendor.

If you are looking for a Customer Experience specialist consultancy to support, complement or coach your in-house team get in touch

Our dedicated Customer Experience Consultants, are expert practitioners in helping organisation’s design and navigate their customer experience programme


Understand TODAY
Helping you really understand your customers’ wants, needs, desires and fears and how well you are meeting their expectations vs the competition, in the current market.

Improve for TOMORROW
Identifying the changes you need to make to close the gap between customer expectations and the current experience. Defining your longer term customer ambition and establishing the right customer measures within your business to track your improvement programme.

Transform for the FUTURE
Helping your business to understand how we will live, work and travel in the future and what that means for your customer experience design. Developing the transformation plan to get your business ready for the change, create disruption in your marketplace and put customers at the heart of your organisation.

Find out more about how CGA can help your business by visiting our website or contact one of the team directly +44(0)1483 209 586

You can access the Forrester report here