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Driving commercial value from customer insight and optimising your brand through customer and employee engagement.

 Our priority is helping you to optimise customer value and transform employee productivity.

For almost 20 years, Customer experience has been CGA’s focus, pioneering its use from textbook theory to accepted boardroom practise. At CGA, we never forget it’s your customer experience not ours.

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Let us help you chart your particular course to customer centricity and navigate your path to a future-proofed brand.

Customer & market diagnosis

  • Using deep insight to help you understand what your customers need and expect, how you deliver against their expectations, and your position in the competitive market

Designing the improved experience for tomorrow

  • Helping you to address your customer’s pain points and close the gaps between expectations and the current experience.
  • Understanding how to integrate customer measures into your business KPI’s and clearly define your customer promises and commitments.
  • Navigating your customer insight to determine where to focus your improvement efforts and identify optimal, tangible solutions to ensure you deliver enhanced experiences.

Transforming your business for the enduring future

  • Understanding how we will all live, work and travel in the future and what that means for your business.
  • Developing the transformation plan to get your business ready, create disruption in your marketplace, put customers at the heart of your organisation and drive customer value.
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Heartbeat® technology:
what sets us apart?

Let us listen to the voice of your customer and your people, engage in their stories and help close the gap between expectations and real life experience.

Are you listening to your customer heartbeat?

Heartbeat® is CGA’s proprietary journey mapping solution that brings the customer to life helping show immediate pain points in real-time and identifying where future intervention will offer greatest value. Heartbeat® is simple, highly visual and pragmatic – and it delivers.

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