Why CX? Why now? The urgency to invest in CX is rising

By 20th July 2017 News & Insights

Successfully measuring your customer experience (CX) can optimise business performance

Whether your company is successful and growing like crazy or it’s currently going through a bad patch and needing some care and attention, you need more than ever, to have a closer look at your customer experience (CX) and how you take care of your customers.

Chris Garthwaite, CEO at CGA, comments ”A great Customer Experience (CX) performance improvement program can ensure that your growth continues, potentially more profitably, and if you’re in trouble, it can help stop the corporate bleeding and drive you towards a faster turnaround. Above all, success here will drive you towards the critical outcome of optimising how your business performs.”

The truth of the matter is that many companies are not getting the high level acceptance they need to sign off on enterprise wide CX programs and so are only dipping their toes, silo fashion, into the CX pool. For example, you may be already measuring Net Promoter Score…but may not understand how to drive performance improvement. Boards need to be convinced of the link between customer experience performance improvement and increased business performance.

CGA has been at the leading edge of Business Performance Improvement by providing and measuring better customer experience for over 16 years. We have found that every company in every industry can potentially leverage great customer experiences for business gain by improving and optimising the way they perform. Depending on your business, the benefits of CX can include higher customer retention; faster revenue growth; the ability to command a price premium; lower operating costs; less regulatory pressure; and more engaged employees which all lead to better and more improved business performance.

Across all of the industries and geographies we operate in, we observe 3 commercial imperatives that win over executives who have previously been sceptical of the impact of successful CX transformation programmes:

  1. A CX measurement programme which monitors the most relevant customer interactions
  2. Customer insight which correlates tightly to existing business metrics and analysis
  3. Delivering agile operational evidence to prove ROI and the business case for CX improvement initiatives

CGA can help you:

  1. identify all your key customer interactions
  2. discover whether you’re measuring them effectively, and
  3. indicate where you can derive clear business value

Talk to one of our Practitioners about how CGA’s CX measurement assessment can help you turn your CX program into clear business value.

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